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At The Park
Photos of Dogs at Play with Our Comments
At dog parks you will find all breeds of dogs and all sizes, from tiny toy breeds to the very large. Our photos and comments are of some of these dogs.

Just Dog Photos

Just Dog Photos
More Photos of Small Dogs
We all love our puppies. Watching them at play in a dog park, is one of my favorite pastimes. Their interaction with other dogs is so much fun.

Playful Puppy Palace

Playful Puppy Palace
A Daycare for Small Dogs
Need someone to look after your dog while you are at work? Check Out what the Playful Puppy Palace can offer your dog,

Information For Dog Owners

Dog Etiquette and Other Tips
Dog Related Information
General information and tips about dog etiquette, park guidelines, behavior tips, and more.


At The Off Leash Dog Park
Daisy's Videos
Compare older videos with newer ones and see the difference as Daisy gains confidence.


News - Special Reports
Hot news items. Celebrity news. Who's Who and more.


About Daisy
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Sharing what is happening in our world. Add your comments.


At The Off Leash Dog Park
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Read posted comments and add your own comment to postings.

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Social Media
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General Information


Daisy is an Aussiedoodle which is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Both parents, the Australian Shepherd and Poodle were Miniature. I read that both of the breeds used to create Aussiedoodles are considered to be canine Einstein's, making this one super smart cross-breed. However, the out come of crossbreed dogs depend on many factors.

About Blind Dogs

Can a dog that is born blind, have a normal life? ABSOLUTLY! Blind dogs see with their hearts. She may be blind but she is so very happy. Track her life as she learns new things and socializes with other dogs and people. Dogs that are born blind, really are not much different from any dog. For the most part Daisy just seems like any other dog.

Dogs with all kinds of diabilities, more than just cope, they lead very happy lives.

To learn more about Myths and Facts About Blind Dogs, go to petfinder.com. Just click the link below. Link opens in new window.


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